Day 91: Panama City – Frankfurt – Vienna (Panama, Germany, Austria)

Tuesday, March 27th, 2018

Flight 23: Lufthansa LH485 Tocumen International Airport, Panama City (PAC) 19:15 to Frankfurt (FRA) 13:20+1 duration 11h05; 4.245 Star Alliance status miles

We arrive early at 12:30 pm, thanks to friendly jetstreams. Europe again …

We go to Frankfurt Airport Star Alliance Senator Lounge and wait there for 3 hours for our 24th and last flight to Vienna. Fast Internet, food, beer and …

european showers, lots of not smelling water …

and … Red Ale.

Flight 24: Lufthansa LH1240 Frankfurt (FRA) 15:50 to Vienna (VIE) 17:10 duration 1h20; 625 Star Alliance Status miles

The first of 24 flights to be delayed is a …. LUFTHANSA flight.

Three month without fog. Here it is …

First thing I see in Vienna is Niki Lauda. Thank god.

First dinner, Ströck nut bread:

asparagus ham from Berger

Brie cheese with truffel-ricotta filling




This will be hell:

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