Day 60: Colca Canyon, Chivay to Arequipa (Peru)

Saturday, February 24th, 2018

Day 7 of G-Adventures Inca Heartland tour

We get up early in the morning. The night was not so cold with the extra heating. They had no heating for everyone. Some look frozen. I will never understand how somebody can sleep under 10 kgs of multiple plankets.

Breakfast at case de lucilia is very limited. Coffee from powder, no whitener, no milk. I eat my cereals with hot water.

Then we get picked up by our mini bus and start to go up to Colca Canyon. We follow the river in a valley, where every squaremeter is terraced and used for agriculture. We drive directly up to Mirador Cruz del Condor as the guide tells us, later there will be bus-loads full of tourists.

Then we arrive at the viewpoint and there are some condors heating up …

2018-02-24 15-58-56 Peru-139

They pay the farmers to leave death cows in the valley to keep the Condors at the viewpoint. So they come everyday after the night to warm up and eat. As the tourist hords arrive, we leave …

We drive back to Arequipa and stop by at a small village and the restaurant once more.

In the evening we go for the juanita museum, very interesting but no photos. Then we go for the cathedral to listen the organist practizing. Befor sunset we go to la lucha for a sandwich.

At home we pack our staff for tomorrows flight to cusco.

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