Day 59: Arequipa to Chivay (Peru)

Friday, February 23nd, 2018

Day 6 of G-Adventures Inca Heartland tour

We get up at 07:00 am, had good breakfast at Hostal Solar. They have a Jura Espresso machine!!! The breakfast is outside on a terrace, you have to order, it is ok. We brush our teeth, leave most of the luggage at Hostal Solar and off we go.

2018-02-23 07-31-03 iPhone IMG_4320

2018-02-23 07-51-01 iPhone IMG_4323

Afterwards we got picked up by a mini bus for a day and night at Colca Canyon, one of the deepest canyons of the world (3.270 meters). The main attraction there is the condors.

So we drive up to Chivay, a village near to the Colca Canyon for 4h30min (165 kms). On the way we see lots of Llamas.

We stop by a small town high in the mountains to get some koka tea.

Toilet is to pay 1 sole but nobody checks (unusual).

They use only green energy and latest communication technology.

But they sell everything you need to survive in high altitudes: oxygen shots

Why loose time with the light stuff? Life is hard enough up here …

Even kids fight altitude here with drugs (who sold the kid the drugs??).

We get really high as we drove on …

In the middle of nowhere there is a tourist restaurant with buffet:

Then we arrive in Chivay, get the rooms in our hotel for one night (Casa de Lucila a newly built “modern” peruvian hotel, we were able to get a portable electric heater, which we let run all time, all windows to the inside, … WLAN is WLAN_3040, password RBHafGbCYTfP we all have the guy who invented this password as we try to connect with our cell phones) and go for a walk through the town by our own. We learn electricity was introduced 1995.

There are old inca village ruins on a hill beside the village (thank you google maps), so we walk there. It is windy and cold.

Then we go for the famous hot springs of chivay.

Showers not working, most of the pools empty. Naja, it was an experience.

In the evening Gianni and Christina choose a restaurant and all join.

In the night we sleep in our cozy room at Casa de Lucila


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