Day 55: Lima to Paracas (Peru)

Monday, February 19th, 2018

Day 2 of G-Adventures Inca Heartland tour

We get up early, check the breakfast in Hotel Casa Suyay and go immediately to Courtyard Miraflores by Marriott for the last 55 Soles breakfast from the buffet. It is worth it.

Afterwards we go to Banco de la Nacion, the only bank without massive charges on ATM transactions, and try to get as much money as possible. Thats how the peruvian money system works, one ATM is empty, the other one doesnot give out money …

And the inside of the second atm

Somebody took the inside out over night. At the bank counter approx. 100 people were queued, but they handled them fast. The clerk cannot give me money from my credit card. All other banks charge me 18 to 20 SOL (4 to 5 EUR) to get 400 SOL (less than 100 EUR). Sure not with me like this. I go back to the Hotel.

We are picked up with a mini bus at 01:30 pm and brought to Cruz del Sur bus station in Lima. There we check in like to an airplane (you have to give them the luggage, they check the weight and you get a ticket slip for it) and board a very luxurious, clean bus. Everybody gets a pillow and a blanket, headphones. Before we leave Lima a guy boards the bus and films us all on our seats with a video camera for security reasons.

The bus has clean toilets and a steward. And off we go to Paracas. Driving through endless desert while we get a bus meal with Inkacola zero. Sometimes we see the sea to our right.

We get of at Cruz del Sur Terminal Paracas. A minibus is already waiting in front of the building, we get our luggage and go with the mini bus to our Hotel Refugio del Pirata for this night. It is now named Paracas Sunset Hotel. Christinas new jean has to sleep outside the room, it smells sooo chemical …

Gladys asks if we want to have dinner together, all answer “yes”, we don’t. We want to get seafood. Group splits, we go for dinner to La Negra y el Blanco #5 of the fish restaurant in town according to TripAdvisor.

Then we go home and sleep.

Todays trip:

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