Day 54: Lima (Peru)

Sunday, February 18th, 2018

Day 1 of G-Adventures Inca Heartland tour

Today we will leave the courtyard, change to Hotel Casa Suyay and meet there in the evening the group, we will join for 21 days. It is the first day of our 21 day tour G Adventures Inca Heartland Tour. So we pack … bla bla … and have a fantastic breakfast. Who knows how it will be the next 3 weeks.

There is one guy at the breakfast meeting every day different people, sitting there for hours, with a suspicious backpack. I am sure he is CIA.

We find out, that we can have breakfast only here for 55 Soles (14 EUR). An occasion …

After breakfast we pay the bill (they charge you 10 % service on all) and change hotel to the Casa Suyay. We walk about 10 minutes, it is just around the corner.

Casa Suyay is not fantastic, but clean and ok. WiFi password is “EsperanzA144”. We find out, that G-Adventures booked everything with two single beds. I call Gladys our G-Adventures CEO to change this and write home to the travel agency.

Then we walk to the biggest shopping center of Lima in Barranca to buy christina a jean (she expects that weather gets cold), new emergency cereals and stock up toothpaste …

Then we go to La Lucha and try lima’s best sandwiches.

Afterwards we go home and see in Kennedy park a bunch of retired people dancing samba, tango etc.

At 6:30 pm we meet our group and decided (on strong suggestion of Gladys, because she booked already a table) to have lunch together to socialize with them.

Gladys our G Adventures CEO, living with her mother in Lima, little lack of fitness, dominant, sometimes a little helpless with the de-socialization processes in our group, “not a tour guide, just a caretaker”
Gert, Belgium, police officer and hobby photographer, trying to get linear photos for his competition, upset about Kong, trying to do everything super fair
Kong, Australian with Vietnamese roots, snores to the very harm of Gört – they share a room, taking good pictures but bias to disappear and appear suddenly unexpected, has a greenhouse, doesnot talk a lot and if he talks, nobody understands …
Valery from Canada, 70+ years, missed something and tries to catch up all this in our holiday, but is somehow not fit/quick enough, always forgets something in her room, our motto gets “waiting for Valery”
Marni50+, heavy, very communicative and always interested if you just now got a good shot with your camera of something very important to take a good shot of.
Gianni, 20+, Trschörman with italian roots, missing Munichs Milkbar already, had to book something, not really aware of the trip, permanently loosing something, hipster – tendencies
us two

The food is cheap and ok, not more. Gladys likes the restaurant very much. Seh seems to like tourist pubs. The culinaric level of this tour will be a fiasco.

We go back to Hotel Casa Suyay and sleep to leave Lima tomorrow.

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