Day 35: Camp El Chileno to Camp Los Cuernos (Torres del Paine, Chile)

Tuesday, January 30th 2018

Todays itinerary:

We start late. Todays walk is medium, mostly downhill, from the Refugio El Chileno, where we have slept, to Refugio Los Cuernos along Nordernskjöld lakes shore. We leave Camp El Chileno together with swiss Sonja.

The path up to the Torres is covered in clouds. We were lucky with the weather yesterday.

They way down is sometimes blue sky, sometimes foggy and rainy, but picturesque

tree blue lake

The path is usually good to find. If not, there are marks with colored ribbons on bushes and trees.

Refugio El Chileno is supplied only with horses and mulis. They pass us by on the way down.

It is a nice walk through forests, crossing streams and swamps. The Almirante Nieto moutain is mostly covered by clouds, it is windy and it rains a lot. Anyway, we have lunchbreak with our mega lunch packs (got it with a voucher in the nice fantastico sur bag) in the rain.

Of course we donot forget to take some pictures on our way.

We reach camp Los Cuernos early at 14:45, give them our voucher, get 4 new one instead – have 1 vegetarian written on them and go for a hot shower. This time it is really hot. Then we go qirkeling with swiss sonja, canadian caroline and marteen. I win but not by a lot.

I ask the barman for a beer, if I take 2 (even not immediately), I get 20 % off. I like the barman. As I try to get a beer for a voucher, he is not so easy anymore. Seems not to be a chileno.

Todays walk:

It is really suspicios how the distances marked divergate from my gps watch.

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