Day 34: Camp Central – The Torres – Camp El Chileno (Torres del Paine, Chile)

Monday, January 29th 2018

Todays itinerary:

Our first night in the tent is windy and it starts to rain. The rain and the wind get stronger. Sometimes it seems inside the tent as it would lift off in a second. I fully trust in the chileno tentbuilders. I look forward to the next days of hiking and sleeping in a windswept tent. I check if I have a good weather voucher. Bad luck, no voucher for sunshine.

When we get up in the night for the bathroom, Christina gets lost. I just follow the erratic jumping and rotating light between the trees, pick her up there and lead here back to the tent.

The night is not really cold. The sleeping bags are very warm and comfortable. Our Cocoon silk sleepingbag inliners make it even more comfortable. Outside it is very wet. When I wake up, it is still raining. But in the morning when I get out of my tent …

A full double rainbow. Weather is getting better …

We go for breakfast (early shift – 07:00 am, nobody there). We hand over our breakfast-voucher.

Breakfast is ok. Toast, scrambled eggs, cheese, cereals, coffee. With our two lunchbox-vouchers we get one regular lunchbag (in a nice fantastico sur bag – sandwich, orange, cereal bar, nestle chocolate, small bag of nuts) and another veggie one (orange, nuts, 4 cereal bars). We take our backbags and leave.

On the first kilometer we are heavily adjusting our backbags. Everybody else carries a backbag half the size of ours. Maybe we should have tried once walking with them before this … it is ascending. It is raining. Nice surrounding though.

We arrive at Camp El Chileno after two hours uphill. We wait for the rain to stop and for the sun to come out. At 12:00 rain stops. We take only light backbags, leave the rest in El Chileno and go, together with swiss Sonja, up.

It gets rocky and we are not alone:

Finally after further 4 km uphill: Base Torres Lookout: Torre Sur (2850 masl) Torre Central (2800 masl) and Torre Norte (2600 masl).

And the sun comes out exactly in the right moment:

It is super windy and cold. We donot stay long. As we go down, clouds come up. No more torres, if you are late.

We checkin at Camp El Chileno and get our four vouchers (welcome drink, dinner, breakfast, lunchbox) and a tent. The tent is again on a wooden platform, this time in the forest, with a foam matress, fresh sleeping bags and towels. We go and have a shower: mixed, good luck I am there before the girls queue up, cold water only, simple but clean.

For dinner we get late shift only. So we go at 08:00 pm and get pumkin soup, beef and quinoa. We hand over our welcome-drink-voucher, too, option is pisco sour only. So we have dinner an go to bed early. Tomorrow it shall be easy walk downhill 12 kms to the next camp. Good night john boy, good night jim bob. Todays walk:

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