Day 32: El Calafate to Puerto Natales (Chile), preparing for Torres del Paine

Saturday, January 27th, 2018

We get up early in the morning to pack and have quick hostel breakfast at 06:30 am (thats right when the Hostel starts breakfast, so we are first there and have all options, even egg).

At 07:20 am our driver picks us up and brings us to the El Calafate central bus station.

We get our prebooked tickets with Turismo Zaahj at the service desk (they cost C$ 20.000 ~ 27 € per person one way El Calafate to Puerto Natales) and enter the bus for a 5 hrs ride to Puerto Natales. The bus is not fully booked so we split to have comfort.

We cross the border to Chile, so all apples, peaches need to be eaten until then. Well, I got 4 hrs for 3 apples and 3 peaches.

Stefan im bus

Christina im Bus

We drive to endless flat step. On the horizon we see the Andean mountains …

endlose steppe 1

endlose steppe 2

This seems to be a popular bicycle route, too.

Radfahrer in der Steppe

The border crossing from Argentina to Chile takes more than we thought. They check the whole luggage and hand luggage with dogs for fruits or seeds. On the border a fox is walking around.

We arrive later than scheduled in the evening in Puerto Natales. We stay at Noi Indigo Patagonia, finally a hotel again. We take a taxi for about 4 US$ to the hotel an checkin. The hotel is fantastic.

Noi Indigo Patagonia Stiege

A room with a view …

A sauna with a view …

The rooftop pool

The bar

Supercheap good food. The bread is fantastic.



Brot und Salat

Kosten Aike Bier




Nachspeise mit Finger

rote nachspeise

Austral Bier

After dinner I walk up the city to find an ATM and get some more cash for the Torres del Paine campground. I walk up in the too windy, too rainy city center of Puerto Natales.

So, for the way pack I hire a taxi.

It is not really getting dark here. So we close the curtain and enjoy sleeping with class.

Our map of the last days:

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