Day 31: El Chalten – Trekking Laguna Torre (Patagonia, Argentina)

Friday, January 26th, 2018. One month away from home.

Today no blue sky anymore. A little bit cloudy and windy, but watching the sunrise out of my hostel window is wonderful. We try our luck with hosteria breakfast once more, then go to our bakery for a honey joghurt.

We checked out at 8 am at Rancho Grande Hostel, put the luggage in the locker room and locked it up with our small suitcase locks. We go only with daypacks.

Today we hike up Laguna Torres. It is a more flat and easy walk to be back before 04:00 pm to have a shower in the hostel and an early dinner in La Cava before we leave El Chaltén.

Lots of wind, lots of clouds, but still a rainbow …

The bridge to continue was then a little bit too much.

The hike was what we wanted to see. If you look on tripadvisor, with good weather it looks better.

So we went home to our hosteria, had a shower, then to la cava for a caesar salad.

Then we take the bus as scheduled at 06:00 pm to El Calafate. Transfer is on time, fast driver, empty small bus. We drive through endless santa cruz and patagonia under sunny clouds. The step is glowing.

Another day with 37303 steps.

Todays map from El Chalten back to El Calafate.

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