Day 18: Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego (Argentina)

Saturday, January 13th, 2018

We get up late. No voice of John from the intercom pushed us out of the bed. We enjoy a basic breakfast, which is included in the room. Good luck we have our cereals with us. If you ask for an egg, you get a hardboiled peeled egg from the fridge. Hmm, they have toast, ham, cheese, jam and coffee. But it is nice decorated.

After some discussions yesterday, the receptionist ordered a transport (a taxi) to the entry to laguna esmeralda for us at 10:00 am. A small lady with absolutely no english capabilities in a small chrysler from the last century picks us up on time. Somehow the steering wheel is absolutely oversized. She drives us through a police control to a parking lot at nirwana forest and points to a hole in the forest. With pen and paper we negotiate a pickup time in 4hrs30. The price was fixed by the hotel (644 ARS one way, 26 EUR), with hands and feet we agree to pay the total at the end. It is raining, foggy, windy and the forecast is not fine. A sign explains everything: 4.8 kms, 2 hrs walking time:

We are back at the parking on the point at 15:00, our driver is already waiting and brings us home quickly. We are not to wet. Our jackets and raintrousers are fine.

We pay 1400 ARS and go for a coffee in the coffee house.

Then I make up fire in the bungalow and we chill.

In the evening we have dinner at cumbres del martial. In the coffee shop there is no WiFi, in the room it works fine. I write my blog for the last days.

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