Day 17: Ushuaia (Argentina)

Friday, January 12th, 2018

Day 11 and last day of G Adventures – Antarctica Classic – Booking code: XVCASX

6:30 am, wake up call by John:

Transcript: “Good morning … good morning Ladies and Gentlemen. Today is Friday, 12th January 2018. Local time 6:30 am. The Expedition is currently alongside in Ushuaia, Tierra del Fuego. Our position 54°18 South, 68°30 West. Seastate dead flat calm. Winds gentle, 10 to 12 knots from the West-North-West. Skies slighty overcast, but clearing. Temperature warm 8° Celsius, 46° Fahrenheit. Barometer is dropping, but no reason to concern at this moment. Breakfast will be served in half an hour at 7 o’clock at which time we ask you please to have your checkin luggage outside your cabin doors. Bon voyage to all and a great good morning.”

We have breakfast, hug Heather and Ben and leave the G Expedition as last boarding group with a bus to Hotel Albatros. We can fully recommend the ship, the journey to all. If you are interested you can check availability and rates here: Antarctica Classic

It was quite a trip:


The program for to today is only disembarkation. As everything on the G Expedition very well organized.

2018-01-12 Daily Program

Bye Bye G Expedition

At Albatros Hotel we take a Taxi to our 2 nights hotel in Cumbres del Martial close to the environmental protection area of Glacier del Martial, Ushuaias house Glacier. Before we will board the next ship, Ventus Australis to Tierra del Fuego (fireland) we took a Cabin here. The taxi is 220 ARS (9 EUR), rather cheap. They can’t drive, the road is really bad, the car even worse.

Our checkin time is 14:30, we expected that our cabin is not ready yet so we already packed our luggage to leave it here and walk up to Glacier del Martial, until our room is ready for us. Anyway, the welcome is weird, nobody there. We go to the coffee house. Nobody speaks english, they donot find the reservation but are not worried at all.

The guy is not a lot of help for hiking. So we just ask for a map to the glacier (which we get) and how to get to laguna esmiralda or to Tierra del Fuego National Part to do the Costal walk. He will give us information as we come back (there will be an english speaking person then). So we start hiking up to the glacier. The glacier is only on 1.319 m, so it will not be to hard. We have to exercise anyway.

That is way too much distance. The Garmin Fenix 3 lies.

We come back to Cumbres del Martial, have a small snack. I like it here. The Cumbres del Martial has a coffee house aside, with real coffee and super super cakes.

We get our cabine and inspect it. Not bad. Appropriate.

We walk through the forest downhill to Ushuaia to have dinner. Uphill we take a taxi for sure, it is half an hour downhill.

We go for quick food. Streets are easy to find. Every sign carries the coordinates …

After this we go up with a Taxi. The cabin is burning hot. We tell the guy at the reception to turn off the heating (you cannot do inside, the control from outside somehow).

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