Day 41: The West MacDonnel Ranges

February 11th, Alice Springs, 5th attempt to get our tires repaired by Apollo.  At least we get a subsitution car for one day. After some quarrel we were even allowed to drive it. It is build for pygmys only.

We have a big breakfast in alice springs page 27.

After we get the message that tires need to be changed and we may use the car until 4 pm we go west macdonnel ranges.

Simpsons gap.

Clouds as of michelangelo

And standleys chasm

In the afternoon we got our car back. Finally new tires. We enjoyed the water slide, did barbecue a kangaroo and got ready for the red center.

2 hints: 

(1) donot buy yoghurt from austrian philosophs, may taste weird

(2) only smoke if you are a rich man

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