Day 40: Tennant creek to Alice Springs

February, the 10th, it is a sunny hot day in Tennant Creek, clothes are washed (drying time 12 min in the sun) it is 2.760 km to go to melbourne, todays objective is Alice Springs (approx 500 km desert drive on stuart highway).

Morning at the campsite. 

Maneater in the sink.

On the way we stop at devils marbles and have breakfast there.

Short stop at wycliff well, ufo center of australia, fake news, bar closed, total desaster.

Effective security though

And we experience australian cellfone technology. They call it 6G or iRangeExtender.

In alice springs we drop by at apollo because the car has another error (abs, esp, asr failure and broken containments), we have to go to a bodyshop next day.

We drive to the big 4 mcdonnel ranges.

Good luck, they have a water slide

Its still 2300 km to melbourne and 18 days to go. We already drove 10.000+ km.

The moon is standing over east macdonnel ranges (view from the campground).

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