Day 37: Nitmiluk National Park to Jabiru

It is February 7th, we are in nitmiluk national park. It is 346 km to darwin, anyway in the north its fucking raining even more, we will not go there, donot have a ring to melt. It is 3.467 km to melbourne. We are getting closer, still three weeks to go.

We go to the visitor center and book a boat cruise. Know one else there but us. We are told, that we have, because of the rainlucky us, the unique opportunity to get up to third gorge at once. Lucky us.

We go to the boat. We get a private tour.

Some bats there

Went to mcd finally for a beetroot burger.

Then drove to kakadu. It starts raining again. We cross some water.

We go to Ngurrungurrudjba, english Yellow water, deutsch hier schiffts den ganzen tag. Very wet, totally wet, yotal loosers.

The recomnend to go further up to jaribu as they expect to be locked in by flood tonight. Very funny. We go up to jaribu. The campgrounds are a mess (uncleaned, unmaintained – off season means totally off here). 

Drove over 9000 km by now.

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