Day 7: from queenstown to Straham and back

First week fine, already have seen a lot. Today we self prepared supplied and shopped breakfast. Cooked some eggs, australian dishwashers may only have 3 buttons, but are not easy to start. Decaffeinated means not for human use. 

We drove to west coast listening to Joachim Meyerhoffs self read “Alle Toten fliegen hoch“ autobiography. Nice drive, it seems that currently all Aston Martin Oldtimer of the southern hemisphere meet in straham. There is not much more to do there. You can go on a boat in the bay (100 aud), you can go with a steam train twice weekly back to queenstown (100 aud) or you could take a tour to the old mines (guess, 100 aud).

So, we did a short walk to the only attraction, the Hogarth calls got there a coffee, scones and drove back.

The drive.

The walk and the Hogwarts falls

The scones

Than we went for dinner to maloney’s restaurant (in fact the restaurant of a motor inn, but one of the best out of yelp and trip advisor). Surprisingly good cooked meat and vegetables, if you ever stay in queenstown, Tasmania you should not miss maloney’s.

Then home and finally saw the first episode of the new Sherlock season. On the way home we learned how to build a brick wall in tasmania

Good day.

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