Day 5-Jan 7th: Tasmania, mountfield national park

We woke up at hawthorn lodge. Landlife. I guess the house was one of the first here. It still looks so. Anyway, retired Aussies surely like it. Everything old, coffee cups, furniture, everyhing. But the hosts are really nice, they recommended us where to walk and where to go. So we went early, after our first plamber coffee, to mountfield national park to start with an easy walk.

Hawthorne lodge

At the camp visitor center the ranger was very afraid about what we were going to do ‘drive with a rented car the gravel road?’, ‘do a subalpine walk in the heat?’, i learned from my italian friends not to give a shit. We drove up and walked.

Christina met her first wallabi

And we walked

All in all we walked 6 hours 18 km 800 hm, a good and easy start.

We did H and G. As a reward i got my scones with cottage cream.

Now: British garden life, awesome, they put the tea in a bottle and let it taste like beer

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