Day 79: Lima

Saturday, June 15th, 2019.

Todays plan:


I get up late, go for breakfast to Mariott Courtyard. I sit there until noon and have one real coffee after the other. I love civilization.

Afterwards I walk slowly back to the hotel and get running gear.

I shower an go shopping. Peru is playing qualification for world cup. Roads are empty. Instead of the public viewing site. All people, even the employees in the hotel, wear national team shirts.

We go shopping, shops are empty. I get a Peru shirt, too.

Then we watch the dancing in the Kennedy parque …

Before we go one last time to sangucheria.

We pack everything ready. Our flight tomorrow to quito is 10:30, we will get breakfast at airport and because of the traffic leave at 07:00 am. Bye bye Lima.

Accomodation: Hotel Britannia Miraflores, Lima, Peru

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