Day 47: Medellin

Tuesday, May 14th, 2019.

Todays plan:

Free day in Medellin”

As I get up, my room tells me smile.

Selina breakfast.

I booked a Medellin Free Grafitti Walking Tour Communa 13 via GuruWalk with Leandro, Red Shirt. Meeting point 13:30 hrs at San Javier Metro Station. I go with Uber.

Leandro comes late and seems to be more interested in his WhatsApps and phone calls. His introduction starts with “this is a free tour but I expect at least 20.000 pesod because I pay you ice cream”. I donot want ice cream. What he explains is very long-winded and pedantic. I leave the group and go on my own.

The graffiti is sensational. Medellin built a system of escalators to connect the poorer quarters to the metro. Now they are mainly tourist attraction.

After the graffiti tour and my self guided walk I take the bus back to the metro.

With the metro I go to Santafe Mall and have a haircut there. It was necessary.

The mall is huge.

I have a snack.

I go back to the hostel and pack my stuff for the flight tomorrow to Bogota. Afterwards I go for dinner to Monteverde.

Accomodation: Selina, Medellin

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