Day 38: Santa Marta

Sunday, May 5th, 2019.

Day 9 of Colombian Caribbean Highlights by Bamba adventures

Todays itinerary:

I won this day due shortening of the lost city trek.”

A comfortable bed in a proper hostel with hot shower after a good dinner was fine. I slept like a baby. Since it is Sunday, most of the shops are closed. I go for hostel breakfast at the roof top pool. They serve from 07:00 am. If you are in a private room, you get additionally scrambled eggs. I have my own cereals, they spend the milk. Endless coffee.

After breakfast I go get the laundy. Everything there. This time, nothing destroyed.

Then I go to the city, get money form davivienda and cross the main place to the museo del oro, in the casa de la aduana. The casa de la aduana is more or less one of the last original building from the old times. It was renovated and stucked with the history of the local people, the tairona, the town, some gold artifacts and part of the independence and Simon Bolivars history, who died in Santa Marta (of tuberculosis).

How they did temporarily tatoos

Men carry koka leafes in a bag. The put seashells in a wooden tank and pulverize them. Then they chew koka leaves with the chalk and put a stick in their mouth and then mudar it on the top of the wooden tank. By the time a white ring is created. The regularidad teils about the mans character.

It is super interesting and the room with the gold is airconditioned.

Then I go to eat to Carambolo.

I go through city to the eco supermarket, buy some keks, water, yogurt.

Cheap opportunity to pee in the small supermarket, not a lot of privacy though

Then go home to the pool, write some blog days, swim.

In the evening I go for a burger to Santa Marta Burger house. not bad, nothing special. I pack my stuff for going up north.

Accomodation: Rua hostal, Santa Marta

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