Day 18: Puerto Viejo

Monday, April 15th, 2019

Day 3 of Full Costa Rica adventure by Bamba Experience

Bamba Experience sent me an E-Mail with a link to their site. The link showed a page with the complete itinerary, where I can print it to PDF, view it or download via an App, “Trip Plan”. The App can store more than one trip and contains daily itineraries with times and Google maps, which you can store offline. Somehow the App contains outdated information or no information. I see it as an adventure.

Todays itinerary:

“Spend a day discovering and enjoying this caribbean paradise known for its laid-back attitude, surf culture, and bohemian allure. Explore stunning white-sand beaches, tropical vegetation and take advantage of this charming town’s proximity to stunning national parks. During your time here you can take part in some of the many activities available like surfing, rafting, snorkeling, zip-lining, walking into the rainforest, visiting a jaguar rescue centre, or simply chill out by the beach listening to the town’s caribbean reggae.

Overnight in Puerto Viejo”

We get up early to get our breakfast boxes at 7:45 am to meet a indigenous local guide, who will guide us on a full day hike. Since it rained the night heavily, the guide recommends to start 30 min later. thats good for me, breakfast starts at 08:00 am to 10:00 am. All vegetarian, rice and beans, fruits, nuts, eggs, home made bread, real coffee.

My garmin fenix says 0 % rain expected.

The yoga girls are up already and look as they has their first session already done. All similar, yoga pants, eco pullover, own yoga mat. I would never take my own weights to my gym … . I will find out the secret of my own yoga mat.

It stops raining. The yellow toyota already waits. A woman is sitting inside, hard to talk with a spanish only. We stop and meet alex, our local guide.

We walk through a former cacao plantage and then into the secondary and later primary forest. Alex spots a lot of birds, explains about local living until we reach a waterfal, where I swim.

It feels like 200 % humidity and 40 °C. I sweat. The ground is super muddy and slippery. I am happy to have bought my speedtrax.

A obviously Male walking tree …

Ant highway, look closely …

Then he showed. Cut the fruit, put water on it, rub the thumb. Nothing happens. On hour later I have a blue thumb. When does it go off? 1 month. Very funny.

Then we go back to his mothers house and have local lunch. We get chicken, potato, fried plantain, yums and squash. All wrapped into a banana leave. they use little spice. we get cacao with muskat and sugar to drink.

After this back to the hotel, the yellow toyota brings us to the supermarket then to the hotel. I sleep in the Jacuzzi … shower and get another vegetarian dinner.

Accommodation: Samasati Yoga & Wellness Retreat and Rainforest Sanctuary, Puerto Viejo

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