Day 12: San Ignacio – Caye Caulker

Tuesday, April 9th, 2019, Belize

Day 11 of Mayan Discovery by G-adventures tour

Todays G-adventures itinerary:

“Travel to Caye Caulker and enjoy this tropical paradise. Rent a bike and organize activities for the next day.

Caye Caulker is a relaxed and easy going island with friendly and welcoming local residents. Snorkel and dive boats leave daily for full- or half-day outings to the reef, Hol Chan Marine Reserve, the Blue Hole and for manatee spotting tours.

Try your hand fishing and be rewarded with a fresh catch, then barbecue it on the beach.

Local bus San Ignacio – Belize City 3h-4h 123km
Climb aboard and enjoy travel as the locals do.

Water taxi Belize City – Caye Caulker 45m-1h
Jump in and cross the water to the next stop.

Free Time Caye Caulker Afternoon
Start exploring paradise.”

We get up early, go to Pop’s for breakfast. The whole travel group is already having breakfast there. A recommendation from Lola guarantees revenue. This time we ordered the “Chaya Pockets”, Chaya eggs stuffed in Jacks, served with bacon and beans (black pean paste) and of course some mire food. The chaya pockets are filled variations of the Jacks we had yesterday and Lolas absolute favorite. Additionally we get sandwiches for take away and coffee, since we learned it is real and contains relevant amounts of caffeine.

The waitress is a chaos based genius …

We hand our letters over to the post office. They donot deliver, only pickup in Belize.

Lola organized a suggestive, democratic decision which resulted in not taking a local slow bus to Belize city. Instead we will take a chicken bus express, which is airconditioned and has some, but not too many, locals on the bus. It is much faster to Belize city (2 hrs) than the regular bus (4 hrs). Plan is to take the water taxi to caye caulker leaving Belize city at 12:00 pm.

We are super sharp on time. There is some traffic jam entering Belize city. Lola and the other groups guide are jumping of the bus to get the tickets immediately as we arrive at the first intersection at the harbour 5 min before departure, but everything runs fine. Even including the pit stop of the girls.

From Caye Caulker harbour two german girls and I are brought directly to “Caye Caulker International Airport” where Ben and his Cessna are already waiting with another english girl. He sits us according to our weight. Since he is quite a guy, i am sitting with him in front to balance him out. Last pit stop for us before getting into the plane and we go.

Flight 03: Air Caulker, Blue hole flight, 2:00 pm, 1 hrs, no bonus miles

Ben is a crop pilot, who is used to fly acrobatic and spray the crops. The Cessna already fought the japanese in 2nd world war successfully. Still holes in it, where it was shot. Ben flies us to the blue hole super smooth. He is one with his plane. The weather is fine, it clears up as we are flying. At the start we see how small caye caulker is. There is lots of coral formations in the water beneath us.The flight is more or less 1 hour. The price varies between 200 and 245 USD. Start and landing are super soft, Ben does a little acrobats in the turns, but not too much.

After flying I am brought in something like a golf cart, with 2-stroke engine from pre-democratic skoda factories, to the hotel and get something to eat and look for a beach to sit in the sun and drink. No lobster season, the fries are still frozen, the prices are NY 5th avenue @ a restaurant close to the sports bar.

It starts to rain, so I go cancel my kajak tour (2 hrs 60 usd), take a hotel shower (the hotel is taiwan built, every glass is chinese pictures, every switch chinese description on it and there are estimated 106 signs in the room what behaviour is acceptable and how much any deviation will be. Breaking the 30″ samsung TV from 1990ies, 500 usd. I am not gonna break it for this price.

i go out for dinner with the group. Happy hour with while fish and 2 cranberry vodka for the price of 1.

All will be good, soon.Accommodation Enjoy Hotel

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