Day 1: Vienna to Frankfurt to Cancun, MEX to Playa del Carmen

Friday, March 29th, 2018

At 03.00 am a coughing fit rips me out of my bed – body alarm clock. I cook some tea and heat up the espresso machine. Last Austrian water shower, cell phone alarm goes on while I am super wet. It will be quiet the next 3 month, live with it.

I check my last post-its, get the lunch package out of the fridge. Luggage prepared, ciao TV camel …



I get a drive-now close to my flat – BMW active 2; “Annemarie ist reserviert für 11:01 min”.

04.15 am: Seat heating is everything, I am currently interested in.

Still people on the road, I hope they drive home from partying.

Roadworks at VIE airport donot make it easy to find the way to the drive-now parking lot entrance. I have to circle a bit.

Check-in: baggage slip not printable. No senator status anymore, queue is super long. I hate retail flying. I queue up. It lasts forever …


Flight 01: Lufthansa LH1247 from Vienna, Austria (VIE) 06.10 am to Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) 07.40 am; duration 1h30; 500 Star Alliance status miles, on time

Nice seat in emergency row, I booked my-own-room.


FRA business lounge. I take 3 muffins and water, next flight.

Flight 02: Condor DE2114 from Frankfurt, Germany (FRA) 09:30 to Cancun, Mexico (CUN) 15:45 duration 12h04; 1.250 Star Alliance status miles

Premium Economy upgrade for a bargain, booed 9D and 9F, left and right of the middle 3-block. The bet doesnot go well – the condor guy at the microphone is a talented sales guy – he sells of all upgrade possibilities – even the premium media packages go like hell – middle seat is occupied by a Danish girl. We swap.


I watch Alita – battle angel; Anon; Star Trek Discovery; American gods – a little bit porn; some donot like my aborigines bagel from ströck with ham and the smell of the truffles brie – I don’t care, it is super delicious.

The condor premium food is not worth the calories anyway.

So I concentrate on reducing their stock of riesling.

Over Miami I do my first holiday plank to honor Miami, Chicago and the independant tax paradise of Bahamas. A little bit tight with the shoulders in the condor plane. I would not like it a lot, if I need to crawl out in case of fire.


10h50 later we arrive in Cancun, Mexico.

Immigration with the preprinted and preregistered forms (thanks G adventures for the detailed documentation) is super fast and luggage arrives friction free.

We leave the airport and our G Adventures driver picks us up and brings us to V10 smart hotel.

He tries to deep freeze us while the 1 hour ride. We close and seal all aircon outlets. After 1 hour we arrive and get out of Volkswagen Antarctica into V10 smart small hotel. We grunt a bit and get relocated to room 401, top floor, balcony, super fine (marker: donot forget to tip the receptionist, we will come here again).

Free towels for the beach, locker room where we can leave the hiking equipment, clean room, super shower, sea view, no breakfast, no coffee. Small swimming pool on the roof (seems to be playacar must have).




We walk to the city center to find an ATM and get some food. The receptionist recommends an ATM. This takes 41 pesos fee withdrawal with DKB Visa, we get 8000 pesos (surcharge 46,28 Pesos) for 372,65 eur (Banorte bank ATM, 1 € = 21,59 M$) and go to Micaelas grill for dinner.




Then we walk home to V10 hotels through Calle Quinta Avenida, a pedestrian zone which is dangerous (we donot see any danger). In the room we open the windows to get a sea breeze and go to sleep after 22 hours awake …

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