Day 83: Monday, 19th March: Amazonas a board the Amatista (Peru)

Day 3 of G-Adventures of Amazon river boat adventures in depth PVIIA

First night on the Amatista. Somehow the whole wooden boat and especially our room seems to be uneven. We sleep now in the other direction not to get blood clots in the head. Nights are not to hot – it is a pity that no window can be openend and that there is no mosquito nets to let the cool air from the river in.

19.03.2018 07:43 S 03°49.7234′ W 073°09.4929′ altitude: 100 masl @ onboard Amatista on the Amazon

We get a wake-up concert by the junky monkeys at 06:00 am. Anyway I am awake since 5 am. The laundry machine and the bilge pumps are running.

At 06:30 am we board the skiff and visit an amazonas village.

We harvest some Yucca (djungle potatoe) and watch the kids go to school …

Meet a fisherman and talk about his catch …

Harvest some bananas …

At 08:00 am we are back on the boat for breakfast. We leave our shoes down at the skiff. After every land visit they clean the shoes until they are like new.

At 10:00 am we leave the boat again to cruise with the skiff on some amazonian side arms for wildlife.

After and adventerous boat ride through thick grass we come back and head at 2:30 pm for lunch:

At 03:30 pm Victor gives us a geography lesson, where we are and where we are going to ..

At 4:30 pm we board the skiff again to go through side arms of the amazon.

19.03.2018 16:57 S 04°23.6314′ W 073°24.3647′ atltitude: 99.5 masl @ sidearm of the Amazon, downstream Nauta

19.03.2018 17:30 S 04°27.3071′ W 073°25.7838′ altitude: 99.5 masl @ sidearm of the Amazon, downstream Nauta

We see a lot of birds and some sloths.

At 7:15 pm dinner.

We go for anchor before the join of Marañon and Amazon river.

19.03.2018 22:00 S 04°23.0420′ W 073°24.3782′ altitude: 100 masl @ anchor position

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