Day 75: Sunday, 11th March: Cusco to Ollantaytambo (Peru)

Day 2 of G-adventures Inca Trail

Today we leave Cusco to Ollantaytambo with a tour through the sacred valley.

We got up at 6:30 am; breakfast (was ok, fried yuca, but if you want marmelade or so you have to push them), last check of the duffle bags for the porters at the inca trail, they must be below 2.500 grms, at 7:45 am our guide (g-adventures CEO) Rohody is waiting in the lobby @ Prisma Hotel, Cusco.

We drive to Cristobal Statue (Pukamuku Lookout) in Cusco and do there a Photostop. A nice view over Cusco.

11.03.2018 08:00 S 13°30.5738′ W 071°58.6806′ altitude: 3.645 masl @ Pukamuku Lookout

Rohody shouts out “lesson” and holds an introduction into inca history and current political situation in Peru. He does this well. It is not our first time to learn about inca history.

We continue to drive to Ccaccaccollo Community.

1.03.2018 09:03 S 13°27.2791′ W 071°53.2778′ altitude: 3.647 masl @ Ccaccacollos Womens weaving cooperation

There G Adventures support a Women’s weaving Co-operative. They show the differences between alpaca, pecunia and llama wool, how they produce garn out of it and how they color it with the natural ressources. Meanwhile a Llama gives birth behind us. All attention is on the Llama and afterwards in the sun on the baby Llama trying to get on its legs.

Of course you can shop, we buy alpaca socks for Christina for 52 sols to keep her feet warm when we sleep in the tent.

For 1 sole you can buy hot coca or other teas.

We continue to drive to Cuyo Chico Pottery, where another G-adventures supported community show how the get clay and how they produce pottery out of it. Of course you can buy some souveniers there.

11.03.2018 10:58 S 13°25.7344′ W 071°51.7793′ altitude: 3.281 masl @ Cuyo Chico Pottery

11.03.2018 11:51 S 13°24.6253′ W 071°50.1716′ altitude: 3.242 masl viewpoint

Next station Pawra community restaurant, again G-adventure supported. Good food, above standard restautant and they have coke zero.

11.03.2018 12:49 S 13°21.8987′ W 071°55.7966′ altitude: 3.057 masl @ lunchtime at Pawra community restaurant

From Pawra we drive into Sacred Valley to Ollantaytambo. We stop at a viewpoint over the entrance into sacred valley to take some pictures and continue quickly.

Rain showers and sun are following each other.

11.03.2018 16:06 S 13°15.6049′ W 072°15.6885′ altidude: 2.965 masl @ Ollantaytambo plaza major

We arrive in Ollantaytampu. Our hotel is Inka Paradise hotel this time. The room is to the inside, basement and looks quiet and tidy. Last shower there.

11.03.2018 16:15 S 13°15.5891′ W 072°15.6838′ altidude: 2.954 masl @ Inka Paradise Hotel Ollantaytambo

Rooms are ok, you have to pay 5 sol for a hairdryer, no heaters, sell 1 l water for 3 soles. We get our rooms and meet 20 min after arrival im the garden. We walk with Rody to the main plaza and up an inca site. These were the old granaries. There is another inca site in Ollantaytambo which is to pay.

We walk up. Rohody explains about the sites. We decide to walk further up. At the granaries a guard wants to send us down, because the ruins are closed now (5 something pm). We ignore and go in. He gets pushy and sends all other people down. We yield. This was Rohodys inca trail test.

There we get money from a redbanc ATM, check rain Ponchos, buy chocolate and agree to go together to a restaurant later. Rohody books something. We go to balcony bar where we ended lares trek last time. Most of the group follow. There is milka in the shop. Sensational price. Next life i trade milka to peru.

At 6:30 pm we meet rody at plaza major and go for dinner. Christina doesnot like the food in the restaurant, so we change to Mijunapaq. Last supper before the trail is important.

11.03.2018 19:51 S 13°15.4885′ W 072°15.8961′ altidude: 2.955 masl @ dinner in Mijunapaq Restaurant, Ollantaytampu

After dinner we go home and sleep. Tomorrow wake up at 6:30 am, we must be ready at 07:45 am to leave.

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