Day 70: Cusco to Puno (Peru)

Tuesday, March 6th, 2018

Day 17 of G-Adventures Inca Heartland tour

“Travel day by bus from Cusco to Puno. Spend some time on arrival wandering the small city.

Today, travel through the high Altiplano region from Cusco to Puno on the shores of Lake Titicaca. Titicaca is the largest lake in the world above 3800m, and the views from its Islands are stunning. The trip takes the better part of the day, with stark, beautiful scenery en route.

Cusco – Puno by tourist bus, 7h30m, 391 km”

Weather is cloudy, sometimes rainy. Cusco has 6 to 17 °C, rain, 5 kmh wind.

From Hotel Puma we go to Cusco Bus Central by G-Adventures branded minibus.

There we wait shortly, get in the tourist bus and drive. Bus company is Transzela, super dirty and from the start in Cusco on they play one episode of a thumb series very loud on one front TV. As they start to repeat the same episode again I make the relucant stewart turn this crab off. The bus is superdirty, but comfortable (only 2 + 1 in a row) and it stinks.

We sit in front (the primary victims).

At 4 pm we arrive in Puno and change from big bus to small bus. The small bus brings us to Hotel Balsa Inn. Donot jump in the room, you could hurt your head.

We drop our stuff and the laundry and go to the supermarket to buy food for the home stay family.

Today all inhabitants of Puno are at the same supermarket queue in front of me. And they are first time supermarket shoppers.

Gianni is very frustrated.

We go home to the hotel, have a shower and pack the food in our daypacks for tomorrow. Then we all go for dinner to Plaza del armas in Mojsa Restaurant.




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