Day 65: Thursday, 1st March: Kuyoc – Aguas Calientes (Peru)

Day 12 of G Adventures Inca Heartland Tour

Day 3 of the Lares Trek

Rudi is full of mercy. He let’s us sleep until 07:00 am. He always asks after dinner, when to get up. The boys always answer something like 10 am.

01.03.2018 07:00 S 13°14.0993′ W 72°06.5704′ 3.803 masl. max 15° C, wind 11 kph from N, night temperatur above 3° C.

The day starts with a traffic jam in front of the toilet and hot koka tea. Ted is already stretching.

The boys get up and start talking until breakfast. They talk all the time about everything in harmony. Mulis are already geared up.

Last day: the chef prepared a cake for breakfast.

We start to hike downhill, cross a village with kids (those are the winners, they get all the rest of our pencils …) until we arrive at some inka ruins.

01.03.2018 11:00 S 13°15.5027′ W 072°07.3792′, alt. 3.411 masl,

Rudi stops and tells us inka history and the spanish conquest for a hour until Valerie catches up with Popeye.

It starts raining. We continue. The path is slippery.

Rudi asks us if we want to go regular or adventure and decides by himself.

Finally we leave Chulpany and reach the waiting G Adventures bus.

01.03.2018 11:40 S 13°16.5411′ W 072°07.6634′ altidude 3.153 masl

We wait for Valerie. The Rudi explains further schedule and we leave for lunch. Oh lala seniorita.

Lunch is not a buffet but ok. The boys kill the leftovers, as always. Before and after lunch we play shithead. Lunch as expected after we recignized a 8 year old local is selling cheap beer:

We drive back to Ollantaytambo. Since there is Wifi all verbal communication die.

We eat in Mijunapaq (main reason – fastest internet in town).

I focus on food

We walk to the train to Aguas Calientes.

Good luck, the qwirkle is in the daypack.

Later the girls are tired and the boys are happy

Finally I get my birthday cake from the train waitress while all others are asleep. Happy birthday stefan!

We got off the train in Aguas Calientes. Gladys is waiting at the train station to pick us up and bring us to our hotel Andean Terra. Hot shower and a bed. We go get some musli bars in the next shop, shower and fall asleep. Next day the alarm is on 4:30 am to Macchu Piccu.


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