Day 47: San Pedro de Attacama (Chile)

Sunday, February 11th, 2018

The bed is very slim. I had to fight for my space hard.

Before breakfast we ask at the reception of Hotel Poblado Kimal, if we can do the trip to Laguna Cejar (they’ll go at 9 am, the question is, if they are back before 01:30 pm and we would be ready for Valle de la Luna).

The guy at reception does not understand.

So we ask if we can walk Cordillera de la Sal? The receptionist says very, very dangerous. We would have to register to the police to be tracked. If we do not come back, they gonna rescue us. That will be very, very expensive. Very dangerous, even if we walk with GPS.

So we walk Pukará de Quitor, pay 3.000 C$ entrance to the archeological site, get a spanish only description and map and walk up to Sendero Mirador, from where you can already see the end of the Cordillera track. All dry, all good paths. Idiot at reception.

Rain killed the bridge. They do a new passing everyday.

We walk home. I check with TurisTour, if still everything is within the agreed schedule. Then we go to Adobe for a quick caesar salato con pollo.

At 01:30 pm to 02:00 pm we have arranged the pick up at the hotel for the Valle de la Luna Tour with TurisTour.

It is a big old bus. We collect the others from anywhere in San Pedro de Atacama. The driver is quite fit with his precommunistic vehicle. It is not far to go:

First stop is The big Dune

The path is marked out clearly …

Minerals everywhere …

And the most beautiful chemtrail ever


Next stop, we drive with the bus to Los tres Marias:


We walk along the Teatro


Next stop Valle los Muertos

Last stop Coyote Point


Back home at the hotel we have a shower and go out for dinner …

Seems to get sunny tomorrow …

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