Day 14: The south shetland islands (Antarctica)

Tuesday, January 9th, 2018

Day 8 of G Adventures – Antarctica Classic – Booking code: XVCASX

Wakeup call 7:00 am by John:

Transcript: “Good morning … good morning Ladies and Gentlemen! Today is Tuesday, 9th January 2018. Local time 07:00 am. The expedition is currently crossing the Bransfield street towards the south shetlands. Our position 63°09 South, 60°36 West. Seastate is moderate, skies overcast, visibility around 3 nautical miles and there is sleet falling at this moment. Outside temperature 1°Celsius 34° Fahrenheit. Winds steady 30 to 35 knots, dusting 40 from the Northeast. Twells around 2 meters from the northeast. Bows are closed at this moment. Please donot try to access the Bows as we are taking waves, an considerable amount of water over the bows themselfs. Outer decks are slippery. Caution advised if you do access the outer decks as strong gusting winds can knock you over. Breakfast will be served in half an hour 7:30. We expect to entering the bays of Deception island around 8 am. A very good morning to all.”

This is the plan for today

2018-01-09 Daily Program

Weather forecast is not so sparkling as it was:

2018-01-09 weather - precipitation
2018-01-09 weather - surface pressure
2018-01-09 weather - surface wind
2018-01-09 weather - wave height

Finally we got real antarctic weather. Cold, wet, windy, waves. We start after breakfast on deception island on the south shetlands. A former whalerstation, which was destroyed and abandoned after a volcanic erruption. We do a small hike on the hill but the main attraction is the polar plunge, swim in Antarctic sea.

In the beginning we thought the Zodiac driver was dressed to show-off …


At least our guide, Cat, had lots of fun. She will work in the carribean within a week or so …


These guys didnot do it the first time …

At the end we were able to volunteer for the Polar Plunge. Head under water, otherwise it doesnot count … before you can turn back, the toes get numb …

I did it, too.

In the afternoon we go for Elephant Point, named after the massive amount of elephant seals there. Once you step into the zodiac you are wet from the waves.

Afterwards we get kingcrab and play qwirkle with heather and ben. With joint forces of Ben and me, Heather can finally be defeated.

In the night we sail into the Drakes passage. Weather forecast is not good. Waves get higher and the G Expedition starts rolling. Therefore we have foam wedges under our beds. This we put on the outer side under the mattress, so we cannot fall out of the bed. I like the rolling, it is like a baby swing.

the map:
2018-01-09 google maps

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