Day 9: Crossing the Drakes passage (international waters onboard G Expedition)

Thursday, January 4th 2018:

Day 3 of G Adventures – Antarctica Classic – Booking code: XVCASX

Itinerary for the third day: “The adventure begins with an 800km (497mi) crossing of the passage named in honour of the 16th-century English sea captain and privateer, Sir Francis Drake. Take in daily lectures from the expedition team and keep an eye out for the first sightings of icebergs, whales and albatross following in the G Expedition’s wake.

Program on the white board:

The weather is a dream for crossing the Drakes passage:

Over the night the ship was rolling, but it was not too bad. Usually 2 to 3 days are needed to cross the Drakes passage. Since the weather is so fine and we have tailwind to, Captain PushPush expects less then 40 hours for the crossing.

Breakfast was fine, better than expected and we have our self brought granola.

At 10:30 am we have our first kayaking briefing and fitting in the vessels mudroom:

Afterwards we have lectures about Amundsen and Scotts race to the Southpole, Animals of Antarctica in the Discovery lounge. There is free coffee 24/7 here, too. We skipped photography lessons to sit outside at calm sea, no wind in the sun.

I tried the threadmill on the boat. It stands in 90° to the driving direction. If waves get stronger, this makes it funny to run up and down in the rythm of the waves. Christina does afterwards. Nice view on the ocean.

After lunch we finally unpack out travel qwirkle and teach the world how to qwirkle. Unfortunately we meet Heather and Ben. Heather is the unknowingly qwirkle world champion. As Ben tries with disruption, it doesnot get easier.

Not bad live music in the bar …

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