Day 46: Melrose via Clare Valley to Adelaide

February 16, thursday. We are starting the day with a “only for experienced 5 hrs climb to the top of the remarkable mountain”. The “remarkable mountain” is 900 m above sealevel and the only uneven surface around here. That makes him “remarkable”. Though the walk is nice through a forest, the surrounding remind me to northern austria where every squarecentimeter is used with agriculture. The water of the campground is the softest i ever experienced, after a shower you feel like there is still soap all over and you smell like shit. However the guy is friendly, the bbq clean.

The monument, stolen from washington

Little bit rocky, the path.

The top

And my new friend.

Then we drive, it gets greener.

Nice loomings on the road.then we go B82 through Clare Valley to adeleide.

It is 725 km to melbourne. We are back to civilization.

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