Day 44: Kings Canyon Rim walk to Coober Pedy

February 14th, halftime, 12.300 km driven, we are at Kings Canyon Resort, it is 2326 km to melbourne at 14 days to go.

We get up early as recommended to start the Rim walk before it gets to hot.

Then we go for breakfast.

And head for coober pedy.

100s of km of nothing. No kangaroo.

We arrive in coober pedy on reserve fuel. The road houses on the stuart highway open and close when they want and availability of diesel is not granted. At least they have good music to wait for diesel

Good luck we have bluetooth in the car and an audio book we have listened only 44 hours by now and still 156 hours left. This will keep us awake. Go khaleesi, go.

Coober Pedy is dead. There is summer, it may get 48+ (it has below 30), nobody is there, everything closed.

1565 km to go to melbourne, 2 weeks left.

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