Day 15: Hobarth to Mandura, WA

4:15 wakeup Call

Shower get ready,

4:45 bus pickup, its night

5:00 Check in, luggage drop, the plain is full, i like Hobart international airport.

6:00 – 7:15 Hobart to melbourne with Virgin Australia, tactically booking (row before last row seat A C with B free) gives you a free middle seat.

Melbourne breakfast, nice lounge as all virgin lounges we saw, huge

9:15 – 10:15 (5 hours flight) Melbourne to Perth with virgin again, second tactical booking strike

The Chef should get quartered

Taxi to apollo. Rotten car. Dirty all over. Manual transmission. Let them reclean the car twice. What is hard in windscreen cleaning. 3 hours later we leave. Aircondition broken. Car returned. Got anotherone. From VW to Mercedes Benz. Better, automated transmission, Mercedes, cleaner, air condition works.

2 hours Woolworths, basic resources. Then south.  We listen to Harry Potter, Der Stein der Weisen. Car has Bluetooth Audio, even better.

Caravan Park at Mandurah is nice. Very friendly staff. We unpack and make home until late …

Got grill chicken from Woolworths (with our woolworths discount card).

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