Day 13: Swansea and Freycinet national park

Aft er a good night in a time lapsed victoriana guest house  (redcliff house Swansea

) we got a cooked breakfast with so called poached eggs (on the border to hard boiled) with toast, orange juice … but it was meant good. The owners are more focused on British Landhouse style and their garden and to sell to come to their grandchild to adelaide. But it’s a fine retreat to stay. So we drove afterwards to the bakery to Swansea, bought lunch and then to Freycinet national park. 

There we walked to hazardous beach.

And then to wineglass bay, went swimming there, had our lunch. 

Then to the lookout

Back to the car and home.

At the end we met a new friend:

In the evening we did not follow the recommendation of the locals and surprise, found good food:

Quinoa crumbed fish.( I guess the chef knows the word risotto from the radio …

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